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40 Yard Dash Training

Running the 40 yard dash has a huge impact on football players. Whether it's fair or not to judge athletes on their 40 times is up for debate. The problem is that sometimes it is the deciding factor for playing time, scholarships and even getting drafted. We have created this site solely to inform you how to run and train for the 40 yard dash and to work on your football speed.

A fast 40 is more important now then ever before since the competition level seems to be going up at every position. So, how do you run a faster 40?

Check out the articles found on this site to learn all the most effective training tips that will help you run your fastest 40 yard dash of all time.

40 Yard Dash Training
Here are 7 tips to decrease your 40 yard time dramatically without having to run a step. The focus of this first article will be on your starting position.


40 Yard Dash Tips
Getting in best position possible to start will set up your entire 40 yard run. Now, let's get you that blazing speed you have looking for during the actual run of the 40.


Improving Speed in 40 Yard Dash
In many sports today, each athlete is timed in the 40 yard dash. Improving speed in the 40 yard dash is very possible if you follow these suggestions. These times often can give the coaches a great impression if run fast.


Running the 40 Yard Dash
Running the 40 yard dash is crucial for every athlete, but doesn’t involve some sort of mysterious incantation to take magically minimize speed. In fact a very steady and careful training program involving strength training, core training, plyometric training, agility training, flexibility training, and sprint training will allow you to shave valuable time off of your record.


Football Speed Training
Football speed training wins more games period. Speed within the game of football takes place in short bursts of maximal speed, usually starting as quickly as possible from a stationary position and often involving acute and precise changes of direction to either avoid or tackle an opponent or react to a quarterback’s throw.


Speed Training 40 Yard Dash
Most of the speed training 40 yard dash is going to be in the acceleration phase so we need to put a majority of the focus here. The acceleration phase is 0 – 30 yards. Your training should focus on the start of the 40 so you can do it as efficient as possible while you also learn how to drive out strong and forceful.


Improving 40 Yard Dash Times
Improving 40 yard dash times sounds hard, but there are plenty of ways to do it. This is a great thing to do to improve your performance since the 40 yard dash is timed in multiple sports now. Here, we break down the race into the start and 3 other phases which focuses on improving 40 yard dash times.


40 Yard Dash
Whether it's 40 yard dash training or actually running the timed event, warming-up is crucial to your success. Ask an athlete to warm-up prior to a workout and they will begin to static stretch. It is engrained from elementary school gym class days that static stretching will prepare you for your activity.


Reggie Bush 40 Yard Dash
Check out Reggie Bush running the 40 yard dash at a football combine. Reggie Bush runs a 4.33 second 40 yard dash at Pro Day Combine on April 2, 2006.


Football Speed
The best way to improve football speed is to get faster and the best way to get faster is to run fast. Therefore, speed training must be done correctly. Sprinting (as well as strength and power lifting) is taxing to the central nervous system (CNS)


How to Improve Your 40 Yard Dash
How to improve your 40 yard dash? It all starts with conditioning.The reason this aspect of training is important, besides the fact that most speed and conditioning programs ignore it, is that to be the best athlete you can be, you must be a complete athlete.